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Triangle Worldwide

TRIANGLE WORLDWIDE is a dynamic organization with a wealth of expertise in Global Freight Management. Since inception, TRIANGLE WORLDWIDE has grown from being a local freight forwarder and Customs agent in Malaysia, to a fully-fledged international multi-modal global logistics service provider. TRIANGLE WORLDWIDE offers a complete one-stop shop global logistics service that encompasses all the needs from freight forwarding, Customs clearance and third-party logistics through to personalized and tailored supply-chain management.

TRIANGLE WORLDWIDE provides a unique project service with a carefully selected team of specialists who work with selected project partners on a global basis. Careful planning, understanding, familiarization and project knowledge is paramount to the success of ‘moving a mountain’ within given time frames.

Our skilled consultants can be as involved as your needs dictate. We can offer a complete global freight management consultancy service- both import and export - or simply provide a multi-modal transport service that gets your goods to or from anywhere in the world, in the required time frame.

Airfreight, Sea Freight, Import or Export, Project Movements - whatever the cargo, make your first call or drop an email to our team of dedicated specialists and consultants.

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Our Promise/Philosophy

As a logistics service provider, we at Triangle Worldwide have encountered and worked with numerous clients, each of them having their own set of unique obstacles. Following years of being a logistics solutions provider for countless clients, we have a keen eye for detail when it comes to understanding your needs. We are confident that there isn’t a task that is too large for us to manage, ultimately ensuring that your supply chain works like clockwork.

Being committed to act in the best interest of your business is the only way we work. A handshake with us goes beyond just a client-vendor relationship; we forge partnerships. Our absolute objective is to ensure the peace of mind of our partners. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We will be your dedicated ‘Outsourced Logistics Department'.

Our Key People


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Our Expert Strategies

The Triangle Technique

1 Understanding Your Business

At Triangle Worldwide, we invest our time to study your needs thoroughly. A series of surveys and meetings will be arranged with the aim of getting to know you and your organisation better. We will perform a benchmark against companies similar to your trade currently in our client base. Our goal is to understand your needs comprehensively.

2 Finding the Right Fit

You can rely on Triangle Worldwide to provide you with the perfect logistics package that suits your needs. We offer innovative solutions that aim to simplify and streamline your supply chain. No dilemma is too big for us to handle either! We are here to explore every approach possible to ensure that your logistical needs are fulfilled, inventing solutions if need be.

3 Structuring Your Cost

Our expertise doesn’t end with providing tailor-made solutions for your business needs. We leverage on our relationships with shipping lines, airlines and other partners to deliver value to your business. We run a lean and mean team to ensure that your overheads are effectively reduced to the bare minimum. Our contract negotiation expertise sets us apart from the rest.

4 Execution

The Operations Department is the heartbeat of Triangle Worldwide. We ensure that your shipments are transported with precision and care. During the course of the operations, you will receive constant updates to keep you reassured. Our dynamic account managers will be at your disposal at any time of the day during the span of the operations. Our industry knowledge and expertise come to play during the execution phase.

5 Post Execution Support

Our services do not end with a successful operation. Upon the successful completion of a project, our experts return to the drawing board to analyse ways to further streamline the execution process, devising a more efficient execution mechanism. At Triangle Worldwide we strive to improve ourselves all the time. This attitude warrants efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your favour.